5 Ways To Make Payments Easier For Online Shoppers

Want an easy way to increase your conversions and sales? Making the payment process easy for your customers is a sure-fire way to get your sales to skyrocket.  Your checkout page is the final stop for your customer. This is the part where they hand over their most personal information to you – their payment details. When customers are willing to give over their payment information, they trust you with their hard-earned money. Your checkout page is where browsers become customers. After all, your business centers around getting paid.  You will be surprised how many merchants add a PayPal option and call it a day.  And with online shopping increasing at a rapid rate, competition is fierce.

So you need to make the payment process as simple as possible. Here’s how.

Offer A Variety Of Payment Methods

It sounds obvious, but the more payment options you provide, the more likely people will buy from you. That doesn’t mean that you need to offer every payment option, that wouldn’t be wise. What you should do is offer a variety of payments.  Do some research about your target customers, what are their ideal methods of payments? Do some digging and offer the payment services you know they like. For instance, accepting all major credit cards, bank transfers, and PayPal is always a good idea because they are the most common.  If you are serious about your business and want to increase your sales offering a Buy Now Pay Later option is a must. 

What’s So Good About Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)? Heck, what isn’t good about BNPL? BNPL is an all-rounder, for your business and for your customers.

Why? Well, according to data gathered, 87% of consumers between the ages of 24 and 44 are interested in BNPL services.  That’s a huge opportunity! The world’s economy is currently crippled thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, making BNPL options like ChargeAfter.com even more popular. It also provides you with the opportunity to offer incentives to your customers. Things like discounts and free gifts if they pay on time. You can get creative and really accelerate your conversions. 

Avoid Account Sign Ups 

Honestly, is there anything more annoying than wanting to buy something and having to sign up for an account? Another username and another password to remember, no thanks. In fact, it’s a conversion killer, especially for first-time customers.  Plus, why would you want to drag out the payment process? Not only that but making people sign up can be intrusive, and customers will probably end up going elsewhere. Instead give them the option, to either sign-up or check out as a guest. It works much better. 

Keep Your Design Simple 

Your branding needs to be recognizable and consistent at all times. Your check-out page should be no different. Keep it as simple as possible, if anything about it looks like those scammy pages, customers will avoid you at all costs. 

Don’t Redirect Your Customer

It’s not easy to get consumers to your website, so why redirect them when you need them the most? One of the main disadvantages of using PayPal is that it takes your customers away from your site and has zero control over the design. 

Fix Errors Easily 

We all make typos and mistakes. Mistyping an email or a digit of your zip code, it happens, we’re human.  But, your job is to highlight the mistake so your customer can quickly fix the error without having to figure it out by themselves. 

Tip: highlight the field where the error is. 

Another handy tip is to provide an option for their payment information to be saved.  It saves time and makes the payment process even quicker. There’s nothing more annoying than having to re-enter all your information over and over again. So the more comfortable you make it, the quicker you’ll get the payment. 

The Bottom Line 

It’s simple, the easier your payment process is, the more likely your customers will return. If you want to take your business to new heights, offer various payments, Buy Now Pay Later, is a must.  Avoid all things that prolong the payment process, stay consistent, and watch your sales go through the roof.