7 Ways To Increase Your Online Sales

7 Ways To Increase Your Online Sales

Many times — as online business owners — we have thought to ourselves of online sales:

“If you could only have one tip to improve results in e-Commerce, what would it be?”


“What is the most important thing to achieve success with an online store?”

In my own experience, there is no single method or advanced technique that can achieve alone the wished results:

The success of one method also depends on the success of other related methods; it’s a matter of synergy.

For that reason, We have shortlisted seven tips to help your online store to climb the steps to success.

And they work together with synergy.

1. Fight Shopping Cart Abandon

According to the Baymard Institute, up to 67.45% of online shopping carts end up abandoned.

Try to offer a more fluid and agile user experience, with better information, various returns, and shipping methods, and more payment options like:

  • PayPal
  • Consumer financing
  • Credit and debit cards

Remember to apply this to all your online sales channels, including mobile.

2. Use Point Of Sale Financing

There is some point of sale financing products that consumers can use to split their purchase payments over time. An instant loan if you will.

POS financing allows the customer to buy now pay later.

Several options are available to the customer at checkout, and they can select the lender and terms of the loan that they can pay off over time.

These financing products are also known as POS financingconsumer financing, or shopping cart financing.

The best part is: these types of credit or consumer financing options can increase your sales by up to 30%; they’ll also help you to gain loyalty from many customers, as long as you offer them this succulent financing.

The market leader in this field in terms of technology, integration, and lending options (lenders) is www.chargeafter.com

3. Remember Cross-selling and Up-selling

Cross-selling is recommending complementary products and accessories:

What products do your clients usually match and purchase together?

What needs can a specific product awaken in them?

Up-selling means to offer customers the options of higher category products, or a more complete service.

These tactics can increase your benefits by up to 35% — according to Amazon.

4. Use Psychology Tricks

Creation of a sense of urgency with scarcity:

  • “Only one in stock!”
  • “For a limited time only”

Fear of missing out:

  • “Spend $50 and Get Free Shipping”
  • “You can save up to 34%”
  • “Buy now pay later”

Fear of risk

  • “100% money-back guarantee. Lifetime warranty. Free returns!”

Got it?

5. Optimize Your Website

There are many different studies about the topic, but all they agree that loading times have a decisive impact on sales.

Take a look at this interesting article from one of the most specialized blogs: “How Loading Time Affects Your Bottom Line”

“a 1-second delay in a webpage response can lead to a 7% reduction in conversions.”

It doesn’t matter that we have broadband connections and technological improvements:

About 11% of cart abandonment is due to the slowness of the web.

On the other hand, always remember that your website must be easy to use and navigate.

6. Improve Content Quality

The price aside, the reason why consumers behave the way they do, is because of the information they receive about the products.

  • And this applies to all your products: the better the info you offer to the client, the better online sales conversions you will get:
  • Improve the images: e-commerce enters through the eyes in the first place.
  • Create clear and prominent descriptions of your products and use bullet points.
  • SEO: and continually test new keywords and combinations.
  • Testimonials: they must be credible and accompanied by good pics.
  • Video: it makes the stay on an online store to grow up to 85%.

7. Use Different Traffic Generation Methods

Nobody is going to pass in front of your website, even if your store is like Amazon.

You have to use — and very well — a series of tools to get customers to your store:

  1. Content marketing: the more profitable and effective.
  2. Social media interaction: to create sales funnels.
  3. Social media ads: to reach your target audience easily.
  4. Effective use of SEO and SEM: your natural and paid positioning in search engines, respectively.
  5. Partnership: success partnering with other companies, where both can get a benefit.

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