How To Drive More Sales This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a very special day, and people look for very thoughtful gifts for the special women in their lives. As a merchant, holidays are the perfect time to boost sales, but Mother’s day is slightly different. Mother’s day is a very personal holiday, and people want to buy the most meaningful and thoughtful gifts to show their appreciation to their significant women. This is an excellent opportunity for you to get very creative and boost your sales.

But don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. Here are five tips on how you can drive more sales this Mother’s Day.


Let’s face it, is there anything more personal than Mother’s Day? Personalization is a huge trend, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. And if you don’t get personal on Mother’s day, when do you? In fact, personalized items are popular all year round, but they are also trendy around special occasions and holidays. A good way to do this is to make the products that you are offering customizable. Give the customer control to be able to adapt and customize their gift and make it personal. Of course, you should keep the customizations to a standard that you can keep up with, so don’t over-promise on something you can’t deliver.


People love giveaways, and it’s a brilliant opportunity to get more traffic to your store. But the key is to make it really simple. You can offer giveaways such as a gift set, getaway, classes and more. Make the instructions to enter a giveaway ridiculously easy. In exchange for the giveaway, ask your customers to simply hand out their email address for the chance to win. That way, you grow your email list and can send out future offers.

Remember, though, when hosting giveaways, actually go through it. Don’t just use it as a marketing stunt, as this can seriously damage your reputation in the long run. Make sure you give clear instructions and tell people exactly when the winner will be announced. You can also go one step further and tell people to stay tuned for future giveaways. That way, they will keep checking with you or subscribe, so they don’t miss out.


Searching for a Mother’s Day gift can be a daunting task. Mainly because there are so many eCommerce stores out there offering the same thing and competition is fierce. To get ahead, though, you should make the user’s shopping experience as easy and straightforward as possible. This actually should be forever, but since we are talking Mother’s Day here, you can dedicate a page of your store specifically for that day. Because people aren’t coming to your store to casually shop around, they are coming for a precise reason. 

Putting all your Mother’s Day offers and products and one page saves the consumer a lot of time, and they are more likely to add to their basket if they see everything all in one place. Instead of having to click through countless pages.


When people buy Mother’s Day gifts, they never usually buy just one gift. So, creating a bundle is a perfect idea. There are two ways to do this.

One, line up a few products where the customer can ‘create their own bundle’. That way, you give them the control to make it more personal. The second way is to create bundles using gifts that complement each other nicely.

Also, when using bundles, be sure to highlight how much they will be saving.


On special occasions like Mother’s Day, people like to splash out. But they can’t always afford to, which can be upsetting because they want this day to be extra special. Offering Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) from multi lenders with high approval rates like will lift this financial burden.

Even if there isn’t a special occasion, you should offer BNPL because it’s the most common payment method today!


Mother’s Day is an important commercial holiday in every part of the world. Special events are a massive opportunity to gain new customers and attract the attention of new ones. And although you want to boost your sales, remember to make it all about the customer. There are so many methods that you can use to boost your sales, but the ones mentioned are a good start. Competition is intense, and you need to make sure you get ahead.