Post Purchase Email Ideas to Turn Once Off Buyers Into A Repeat Customer

In running a business, having customers is always the main goal. There are a lot of ways to keep buyers coming back for your products and services, and one of those is to use post-purchase emails. Since these are usually automated, a lot of business owners tend to overlook the task of planning them out.

However, with the right tone and structure, these emails can be used to attract a more solid customer base. In time, this can lead to more profits for the company.

Use A Personal Tone In All Emails

Emails are known for being formal and sometimes boring. This should not always be the case, as these messages can be used to build a rapport with the target customer. Although social media is now the preferred medium for more personalized messages, emails can still be tailored to have personality. For instance, the use of first names can be a powerful tool to connect with the audience.

It also helps to have their location and gender pronouns accounted for. The former allows you to fine-tune product recommendations based on factors like availability, while the latter signifies sensitivity and solidarity. Regarding product deals and offers, using technology such as browsing and buying history records is one way to personalize emails as well. That way, recommendations can take into account whatever purchases they made on your website already.

Have A Clear And Direct Call To Action

If a business or company wants to thrive, it should know what it wants. The goal may be to reach a certain number of profits or to keep a threshold of customers. Whatever the case, calls to action are necessary to obtain your vision. In emails, these can be as simple as “Check out these items!” or “You may also like…”

These are effective because a lot of first-time customers do not order in bulk just to test out if a company produces high-quality items or services. If they like their initial purchase, they may be more inclined to click on the links in your email. This leads to more profits on your end.

Highlight Flexible Payment Options

In our digital world today, flexible payment options in the form of online financing are beneficial. While there is an initial cost on the part of the business owner, the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) model is lucrative because customers are incentivized to purchase more. They pay the money through instalments, which are paid at certain intervals. This is also called point of sale financing or POS.

By having these instant financing options from BNPL providers like available to customers, you offer them a chance at trying out products that they cannot afford to pay upfront. Eventually, profit is still tendered but at slower time frames. This presents an opportunity to keep customers around because they feel less pressure to pay right away, even as they enjoy your services.

Use Emails For More Than Just Reminders

Emails are seen as a method of reminding people of purchases, special offers, and the like. However, they can also be used to build goodwill and care with your clients. You may send out holiday greeting cards during special occasions. For example, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day are some opportunities to do this.

You may mention special discounts or offers at the end of the email as well. That way, the marketing strategy is not too blatant because it retains care and affection on the part of the target audience. Your company’s anniversary is another opportunity to send out emails. Thanking the buyers for their support can help encourage them to maintain their consumer relationship with you.

Ask For Reviews Or Tell Buyers About Existing Ones

People tend to look at reviews in order to see if a product is worth purchasing. If you are a new startup, it may help to ask for customer reviews right after they receive their item. Simply attach a survey form to your email, and make sure that the accompanying invite is a lucrative one. If possible, a small discount or coupon might incentivize them to answer it.

Once you have enough reviews, you might be able to ask for permission to publish them in the next set of emails. That way, you build positive word-of-mouth among consumers and encourage others to keep on buying your quality items and services.

Offer Your Assistance

Some companies get a lot of flack for not being helpful. Customer service might not be enough to resolve immediate concerns, and a FAQ section on the website might not always be accessible. You can send out email reminders telling your buyers that these help channels are always available. For products that require certain knowledge to operate, you might send out instruction guides or even “hacks and tips” that help them maximize their product use.

Not only does this show care for the customer, but it can be a subtle way to highlight the versatility of your goods and items.